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Episode 213: Kathy Valentine from The Go-Go's

Episode Summary

It's another scorching hot episode of The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour as Dave, Dez and Chris welcome Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee Kathy Valentine, who you may know as the bassist for The Go-Go's, to the program for pedal talk, chit chat, and fun times all around. She rules! Recorded live March 22, 2021.

Episode Notes

It's another scorching hot episode of The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour as Dave, Dez and Chris welcome Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee Kathy Valentine, who you may know as the bassist for The Go-Go's, to the program for pedal talk, chit chat, and fun times all around. She rules! Recorded live March 22, 2021.

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Episode Transcription

i have seen the dark shadows moving in the woods and i have no doubt that whatever i have resurrected through this book is sure to come calling for me david you look absolutely terrific honestly you got like you've got my glue on this is where the worst begins this is where we must stop for beyond is the work of madness the nightmare of insane murder and lingering dead


get inside and lock your doors


is waiting for you


someone wants to scare you to death


this is albert from the tuesday show you're listening to the goddamn dave hill show now on a flippin monday




nobody else could see you the same way






walking yeah the palace






no you're an angel witch we've done it wait do we have audio yes we were so dangerous i felt like we were dangerously close to having a really seamless beginning to the show a little too close until i i guess i just have to believe


believe in the technology um hello and welcome to the dave hill good time hour with me dave hill from before hello how are you i'm incredible thank you so much for i'm really struggling with basic words tonight how are you doing boy criminal chris kurzbek i'm fantastic doing great really good how are you doing uh new jersey chicken rancher des i don't even have a name anymore i'm just just yeah i paused i think simmings i no i just got really distracted by uh messing with my headphones which seemed weirdly i do like the idea of not calling dez like anything just not just calling him just call him new jersey chicken rancher i'm not opposed to it we can see sticks guys look at it with american flag i kind of like it not too uh real you know what happened this is really uh chris resist the urge to masturbate when i explain what just happened uh somehow somehow the balance in my computer audio was switched and uh it was a little bit coming out of the left speaker oh that's happened to me before i wonder what and i i targeted the problem and i fixed it now it's balanced but that's why i struggled to uh say does his name and uh and struggled with a lot of things arguably throughout much of my life um anyway we have an incredible program in store for tonight we have an amazing guest my dear friend kathy valentine who has a pretty new book out and when i say pretty i mean fairly it's come out within the past year all i ever wanted uh it's her autobiography memoir it's amazing um she is of course a member of the go-go's and she has her own band blue bonnets and uh she's amazing and a delight and she's agreed to appear on this program so apparently she has bad judgement as well so there we go nothing else on monday night nothing else to do i'm counting on any combination of those things um but um yeah her book and then it comes out in paperback uh this summer there's the documentary on the go ghost that came out recently and they were recently nominated for the rock and roll hall of fame yeah so then you add her appearance on this show that's four major things they're having a year all in one year can you turn the background jams down a tiny bit yeah i have a request we gotta do crime water we gotta do crime bladder at some point soon maybe not tonight no other big time guess but um i was watching chinatown earlier today in the music oh comes on the beginning and i immediately needed to know what was going on in northeastern ohio it must have been this a pavlovian reaction it really was um no you know why we haven't done the crime blotter in some time is because they put it my source for all the northeastern ohio crimes has been put behind a paywall okay the paywall they put up on somehow we tried they're probably like


what is that what is that if you use chrome if you go into incognito mode sometimes you can access like that's how i look up articles on vulture all the time because i'm not going to pay to access vulture you have to pay to read vulture uh after five articles yeah that shows you how much i read vulture so you go incognito and then you get like another five because they recognize it as a different browser oh yeah


i don't know i should try it i should try it life um as they call it yeah it's the life hack isn't a life hack really just isn't that what we used to call just a helpful tip ingenuity it's just uh a suggestion helpful suggestion are they everything's i don't know i've i um this past week not to brag how many finnish movies do you think i have watched in the last week which is to say movies made in finland oh uh well actually i'm busting myself on a technicality well one of them is a finnish movie made in france and they speak french the whole time that's okay but the cast is all finished you had two and a half last week right i think i'm up to seven wow i've seen seven and a half because i can never watch movies all at once because i'm 78 years old but um yeah i am arguably the foremost authority unfinished cinema on this show right now


um checks out maybe in north america though i bet someone's got me uh there's some grad student finish cinema grads who knows where he's got you beat i love it i think finland might be the the country for me based on the movies that i've been watching is it is it something about the the overall vibe are the people specifically a certain kind of way this is what i love i've never been to finland mind you i've been to i've been in many countries but i've not been to finland and i i want to go um but what i love about every every movie i've watched is very low key and no one talks very loud and that's just the world that i would rather li like and then i've been watching american movies interspersed because you know in the oscar run up i've been watching a lot of the movies also because of the pandemic because i'm not doing anything uh i've watched uh no mad land yet i watched i watched nomad land i was just talking about no mad land i keep hearing things about it it's very good yeah no man no mad lan i really enjoyed the thing about it is um i was talking with my friend jody about it yesterday and they have like actual nomads in the movie playing versions of themselves and you can tell who they are because they just talk like normal people and one might argue that that's what actors should do when they're in you know playing normal people in movies that's how they should act but in america no one does that because all american actors have to be like yeah


so i found it really enjoyable that everyone was just talking like normal i like madonna's like that i don't like when they um they'll have but i haven't seen no no bad land yet but i assume it's it's jarring when there is a real actor in a scene with them right it's it fits with the whole vibe of the the movie so it's not like it's a high action paced movie and then all these normal speaking people pop up it's you know it's a quiet a meditative movie actually kim kim knows the uh my wife knows the the woman who wrote the book so oh yeah yeah she was out there living with these people for you know months and months and months at a time so yeah we saw it a while ago it's good stuff yeah i really like that i watched the sound of metal that was good which i enjoyed but was not very metal i have to say the title was misleading they roped me in right by making me think it was a movie that had a lot to do with heavy metal but it wasn't i saw um a promising young woman what what's that justice league did you watch the four-hour justice league no no what is that it's like a superhero movie yeah the odds of me saying that are uh i would say there's much greater odds of me watching every finished movie ever made


and then moving on to icelandic movies justice league is probably still longer yeah it's like four hours long i'd be completely lost there's probably all sorts of characters coming in and out i grew up with those characters and i've seen all the movies and i still had no idea what was going on i enjoyed it more than the other recent superhero movies that i've been seeing yeah i'll give it that i saw like i i saw guardians of the galaxy it was a fun one and i could not have been more confused every two seconds there's some other guy walking in and being like no i'm the guy and then you're like who the [ __ ] are you i thought i was paying attention to this guy and then some other guy shows up and he's like no i'm the bad guy i'm the one you want to watch out for oh by the way i need to i just busted myself retroactively we shouldn't use profanity because this show is now being broadcast in manchester england on the terrestrial radio no kidding so as a result we can probably still use profanity in fact we could probably start using the c word yeah i was just going to say that kind of but i cannot i cannot uh caution against that uh anymore i mean uh context matters i'm saying uh don't do it is my point okay um


do i take a couple calls yeah yeah i don't oh we have calls we also have uh the super chat is rockin i mean it's not being used by anybody but it is available to use if anyone wants i'm going to pay better attention the super chat is your way of of uh making your comment jump out and then we read it on the show but the bigger thing is you uh you support the show in the process and for example make it so uh


i can get a new microphone or or we keep doing the show just as one more example so please make use of the of the super chat let's take some calls i have a feeling i know who the first call will be usually is the number is 201 584-7071 so if you ever wanted to call in and make use of an annoying delay you've just hit a street called easy because we can do it it delays gotten a little bit i think it was better last week than it was now when you say the delay is better do you mean that it's solved or that it's solved or pronounced even more okay who's on the line we have a call call you there this is elvira canaveral from minneapolis hello how's it going how are you fine folks holding up it's it's we're surviving well here uh i want to say i've been really enjoying some painted doll music this week oh thank you i've been also uh it was just a nice little charm and then uh because it was right next to it uh in suggestions i listened to the band painted shield which is a local um mason jennings and uh steve uh guitarist from uh pearl jam and i have to say the two made a great pairing what are the chances i've not heard of that who's mason jennings yeah peter mason jennings uh he's he's known here in minneapolis he moved here like 20 years ago uh i know he's seen through uh just through his local stuff plus he's worked with some really good friends and i've worked a couple shows with a genuinely good guy i had now in his awhile one of his uh yeah i was introduced to him in 2001 when i was touring with the guthrie and there was a it was the opening lyric from a song and then i was a fan and that lyric was this is a bullet from a gun called what the [ __ ] and i was like okay get rid of this call what did i just say hang up on this car this is what i literally just i could just hand him if he does that next time i just covered this man i literally just covered this no profanity oh is there another call on the line there is i let's see i just said no profanity


hello hello oh oh is it me what is it me now it's you yay who's who's calling no profanity it's it's i i swear to god i won't come who's calling valerie oh valerie where are you calling from um it's it's me from maryland and i used to curse really bad but i've really toned it down well you you just saw how i flew off the handle while elvira used profanity literally about 15 seconds after i said new rule no profanity and he went out of his way yeah well i've really i've kind of tried to correct my ways on that because you know i remember how you dislike it so much oh i mean you saw everyone's everyone heard how upset i got oh i know i know i remember but you did curse a lot in the last show we were talking about heavy metal oh that was a different time we were we were just kids then we weren't the number one show in manchester england then like we are now oh yeah you were in church yeah no now we're now we're the foremost radio program in manchester england and i can't uh allow profanity i know i'm so excited it's huge it's this is a breakthrough for us to be here that's why i'm calling the go-go's it's coming on and i'm i'm gonna call back when she's there too because i'm so much a fan girl for her oh she's amazing um you've got to call it call back 40 years in the making for me well call in and speak to her oh this is excellent then you're you're in for a treat oh what else is going on in maryland what's going on with you um well let's see i've got a 16 year old that kind of laid it down on me yesterday that she wants to put weed it's i i listen i'm not gonna jump to conclusions but i don't think she's asking i think she's telling no no no trust me we have like a really close close bond and she she wants me to like get the medicinal marijuana card because she wants to get the good stuff so that's reasonable and i'm like i'm like cool cool okay so i'm gonna go get the card and um i appreciate that she's honest with me about it so i'm like okay cool because i was like we have a really like good relationship so i'm thinking is 16 too young for her to just start smoking it might be


some people can i don't know you think i mean she takes like she takes prescription medication for anxiety so what's worse the medicine she's taking or just having like an edible you know uh is it legal in maryland it's about to be pretty much i mean you can get a card because in california i mean i had a card and in maryland in any minute here it's going to be legal oh i think just let it ride how old is she 16 16 yeah oh forget it you can't stop her yeah you can't stop her i'm thinking i want it really in a crazy phase right now she's in the juggalo phase like ict rv i mean that that's your bigger pro that's your bigger issue is the icp no i take it back i'm actually i don't know why she's in that i'm very pro insane clown what did i do wrong for her to be into icp no no i you know i used to talk smack about icp in stained cloud posse which is to say um but uh i like the cut of their jib i think they seem like good guys and they're they're on the right side of history mm-hmm that's what it is and uh so uh good for them i don't i don't have to listen to music but i support them um very quickly at least it's not fish that would be yeah that's you know then that's double whammy then you're pulling the emergency brake on this tooth suite right right yeah i i think you just gotta get it get out of the way she's really bad mom by saying you know let's go get you some edibles and okay here you go 16 year old you know i mean it sounds like she's gonna do it anyway so you might as well yeah i mean that's just kind of like what i'm trying to make sure i'm being being the proper who else are you doing who else are you asking for advice besides who else are you asking for advice on this besides a an internet show not really my husband because he's a master sergeant in the army so i don't know if he would be you know does he wear it oh wow see then i say this yeah yeah i take back my hesitation he's totally yeah he's totally straight edge hardcore straight edge like minor threat straight edge absolutely no drugs no drink


wild too serious this has got the myth this has the this has the makings of a sitcom i'm really excited to see how this shakes out i know so like i've always been like a i never even heard a straight edge until i met my husband so it's a pretty interesting like dynamic here in our family


um uh this is excellent well i i say i i really like your daughter she sounds like a good good uh kid uh and i think she's gonna be okay i'm not worried about her so there yep she'll be all right yeah she's gonna be fine thanks dave thanks everybody all right thanks for calling call back what call back in a little bit oh i will um we have some scorching hot super chats to read jilly fitz writes please join me in wishing amy dahl a happy birthday in advance baby it's true happy birthday amy i believe her birthday is in two or three days


i do know exactly what it is but i'm playing being coy and acting like i don't know exactly what it is uh so everyone happy birthday to amy doll her birthday will have oh wait now might be like now and i don't really have to double check this anyway it's very soon this week um happy birthday amy doll and elvira canaveral says citing a song lyric is not censored on the uk radio now he's an independent parliamentarian authority i don't believe i don't believe him i think he's making that up it's probably it could be true but the rule as stated by me dave from before is i just said no swearing on this show anymore what about euphemisms can we say pink socks still sure i got yeah i think that's fine


i think you could say dingus pink sock uh taint obviously taint not a problem i'm gonna go grab our guest is she there already oh i gotta go grab her yeah you gotta go to the bathroom no i gotta go you know she's downstairs waiting i gotta go lettering oh grab her guess okay great we'll try to hold we didn't get to we didn't get to chris wanted we'll have to ask chris if i'm able to ask chris about this when kathy's on chris had some issues uh i would argue marital issues and that his wife was getting smith's lyrics wrong uh and it was uh well i'll let him explain it i didn't even know what the lyric was in the first place i'm not a smith's guy though so that's you're a black car you're a black crow's guy it's a blind spot for me admittedly no question sorry it's all right i mean morrissey is kind of uh really uh acquired no i mean he's just kind of a jackass now so you know that's you know it's probably too late to to get into them anyway yeah um because he's such a knob chris robinson would you you could do do you just call chris robinson and jackass he's he's kind of put himself in that category for sure he's not no well morris sees like a right wing right yeah chris is an affable fella is good to hang out with and stuff but i'm i met chris robbins you met chris robinson yeah i have you didn't you i have not with you but yeah wait you weren't there when he was on uh that was a wfmu show that was right before i i started with you oh yeah he was a delight i would say absolutely you know chris robinson was a delight i found him to be now and i was still able to read steve gorman the drummer former drummer for black crow's book and uh i said hey i'm switzerland and all this obviously uh obviously i'm closer with chris robertson because you got so much time in with him taking sides and my friend tim is not the bass player for black crows that's right so no i can't think of anyone who is more entrenched in the black crow's business than i am at this point in terms of people on this zoom call right it might very well be might very well be i don't know anybody in the band so anymore so but where did you meet chris robinson uh outside a couple shows they did a signing of tower records just here and there you go you go to enough shows stalk around enough vans you know


they started doing the charge and meet and greet thing though a little bit ago oh the vip meet and greet yeah you know what more power to them they found mark my words as a performer i will never charge uh anyone to meet me uh that is largely because there is the demand isn't there let's be honest the reason is because can't put a number on there is no demand there's uh bill dolan says that you met ace freely with him because of because of bill yeah bill came through basically yeah i read that out loud even though he did not use the uh super chat no but would love some more super chat it's topical yeah some super chatting


yeah um just super chat and like the wind i love super chat because it kind of sounds like the first band of four on a hardcore bill in 1986. i uh super chat's gonna play 20 minutes and then they're driving back to long island i was talking to my wife just a little while ago and i learned that she saw rage against the machine at the wetlands in in 1993 and that seems like a real intense kind of band to see in such a small spot you have any you know like you know as the band is ascending and you see him in a small place and it just kind of blow the roof off of seen a lot i've seen a lot of bands that in that way i think i saw smashing pumpkins play to like 30 people before when their first record i think was a free show even i saw queens of the stone age play in a bar


and uh many more will come to me it's hard to know anymore times you don't always know that this band is going to go on to something at the time you don't always have that coming we have no you can't you never know we have another super chat from elvira canavo who writes indian film colon rocky handsome finn colon punk syndrome um i'm gonna dock him points for i would what i would argue is misuse of colon he's he's trending in the wrong direction tonight i mean he's he's combative yeah he's he's like you know feeling cornered i guess no no i think you know he's probably right about the uk radio thing because as i've told the story seven million times uh i've done uk radio where they merely asked that i not use the c word too much right as if i had any intention of using it so it is quite possible but it's probably not okay on the bbc or whatever station we're on in manchester england that we're the most popular city there's a show in that city on the radio can't even say it what's that you want to take one more quick call um i think we have do we where's chris there he is i'm here are we ready are we we're good to go yeah um wait i think she's having uh as she she can hear okay yeah yeah let's bring on and we'll take a call while she's on let's let's not make her wait okay let's not make her wait damn it uh so you're gonna introduce her oh yeah yeah that would be the professional i told her to wait for an introduction so i don't want to wait for a slick introduction by me dave from before um ladies and gentlemen as mentioned earlier on the program our guest tonight is a dear friend of mine and one of my favorite well one of my favorite human beings but also one of my favorite musicians she is the bass player for the gogos she's the guitar player for the blue bonnets she's an author of this one of the best books i've read in the last several years and it is truly one of those books that where you realize you're getting to the end of it and then you start to get really anxious because you don't want it to end and i'm not just saying that uh it is all i ever wanted by our guest tonight kathy valentine


that was a slick intro nailed it where is she where did where did kathy go how come i came here i think you're looking at the wrong yeah i had my my mic muted sorry a lot of moving parts here there you are thank you thanks for coming on our slick program yeah you know you're very like um you don't like i wasn't even sure this was going on like what do you still have your radio show or did this take the place of the radio this took the place of the well it's a complicated history i stopped doing the radio show and then i i stopped doing the radio show to finish my last book and then ended up we started doing a podcast and then this show we started during the pandemic because we thought the pandemic will only last three or four weeks right right so let's do something fun live on the internet for just the next couple weeks until coronavirus goes away and is just a distant memory and now here we are a year later and we've combined the podcast and everything into one high-powered show that is this show i don't think there's any going back we're gonna mean going back uh do you don't think the pandemic is gonna end no no like now that you've got it all in one place like why why shake it up if it's working you know yeah yeah uh it's all in one i mean i working is the very relative term i mean we're number one in our time slot but you know of the time slot of my mind but thank you um thank you kathy for coming on the program it's so great to see you it's good to see you too hey look and oh yeah your leader of the the austin chapter of my street gang the dangerous snakes who hate [ __ ] thank you for wearing that i had the hardest time i literally switched back and forth between my dangerous snakes shirt and my witch taint shirt so then i thought if we had a lull on the program i could change shirts you could do an outfit change well i'm really torn because i i hate to even think that we could possibly have a low but then with the promise of an out outfit change now i'm kind of hoping for a low i know well how will we know it's a lull well no i think we'll just feel it we'll acknowledge it um no you have to be comfortable with the i'm i'm you know that's kind of my brand is the low yeah i'm comfortable with it i can i like a nice yeah comfortable with the silence i can sit there and not talk we could do that we could just we could just not talk just let let the sound let the microphones breathe there's already super chat questions coming in for kathy oh this is uh kathy we've we have this um we have this new feature um it's called super chat where people can pay you know and in this way and you know in the the world that we live in where every we must extort people at every opportunity um this is no the show is no different people can pay to have their comment go rise to the top like wow cream matt arnold gets right into before we can even get into light chit chat he's going for the jugular and saying kathy what's your favorite pedal um well i'm straight to gear talk yeah cool i'm really old school all i use is a vintage tube screamer and i have one that's the real deal like the real old one that i've had oh nice and then i have one that's also the real deal the old one but the little square button that you step on fell off so somebody put a so it's not original is what i'm saying they fixed it up yeah so that's my backup one and uh so yeah i would have to say the tube screamer which to me is just like i call it loud velvet it's just it's just like loud velvet it's like the best it really is i have to say like and i feel really naive having not been a big tube screamer person until the last couple years and then um it is exactly as you say every ever i play better with those on all of a sudden my my fingers work better yeah you have it right there i thought i did but i don't and then the only other petal i don't know if matt's question went this far but i also use


that's it oh nice a cry baby wah pedal this is um you probably don't realize it but to get into pedal talk this early in the show is really that's the sweet spot that's like that's like leaping to the top of the mountain in terms of topics for this show i get it but it's you know i like it because being a woman who is often you know like people don't talk to me about that stuff you know a lot so i'm always really i did a i did a really cool podcast that was just all gear talk and it was with another woman it was really cool but uh that's kind of the extent of it because i i that's the only pedals i i don't know how much you were gonna get out of pedal talk with me well i you know there is i think i went to a pedal builder with you in austin texas the guy um um alan alan durham oh yeah with durham petals yeah which is like a a hot boutique pedal company and that was the first i'd heard of it and then now since that day we went to his shop i see it everywhere they have really cool names like his pedals he i love paddle names we should have a talk we should have all talked about that like do you ever buy a pedal just because of them oh totally i mean i have they're not within reach but i have i'm surrounded by pedals right now they they're none of them are within reach but oh totally do you have like a big pedal board when you play like a big are you one of those big pedal board people i put them i put a big pedal board together at home and i'm like this is the one this is going to be really cool and now i'm going to rock everyone with all my pedals and then when it's time to leave the house for the show i'm just like oh screw it and i just grabbed like two petals off the board and i go play the show i grab the two i grab the tuner and like one or two other ones it's just too hard to dance around when you have all that when you've got a chat and pointed people and rip some solos you can't be stepping on petals all night no um my pedal board i i for years didn't have one and then i did because i also have a tuner that i use and um but because i because i'm a left-handed person that means i'm also a left-footed person even though i play guitar right-handed i have to walk left footed so my pedal board really is stupid it's only it has just like my tuner and my tube screamer on the right and then a cable that goes around the mic stand to so i can wah-wah with my left foot so it's kind of dumb i i originally had more petals on the right it had a a delay but i never use it so now it's kind of silly so now i do the same thing i just bring them separately because it's just silly to have a two petal two petals on a board that with a wire connecting them to the wall on the other side yeah that now i'm i would probably fall over if i tried to wall with my left foot i don't think i can just being honest i think it would just like stay down it would just be like this horrible tone it could be problematic


this is intense pedal talk would you agree chris and des the numbers are holding though this is this is what they want no i i no i'm a i like it i like the harder we can go uh oh oh there's we have some more super chats for example just as a for instance matt arnold says thank you that's that's a true gentleman uh who will actually pay to just say thank you we can all learn a lot from that elvira i kind of want to dig out my pedals now because i do have other ones but i'm i'm not dig them out dig them out i think they're good because this is kind of i'm in my studio this is like my big studio this is yeah you have that all the guitars back there elvira canaveral writes he writes a fun game pedal name or weed strain i think that is actually a fun game yeah he might have had one there i think he's on he's bet he's he's hit his groove again he's back avira's back and better than ever he maybe just stopped the free fall is all with that one we'll see he saved himself from himself so there's the empty pedalboard the empty paddle board we have a couple calls on hold still yeah should we should we take some calls well while we uh i got oh there's the tube screamer wait is it showing up yeah close-up of the tube screamer that's a sweet baby but i have a bunch of other cool ones i actually looked into this i was at this garage sale in studio city ages ago and this garage sale there was a box and the box was just filled with like a small stone uh phase shifter and like the mustard um what's the mustard uh the the distortion one yeah oh like the mxr distortion plus yeah yeah there was just all these old pedals and they're they're super cool but i never use them you know but they're fun with the thing with petals i know so yeah some people don't understand yeah you have it and you pet it like a little bunny rabbit and then you just put it in a drawer and you just have it you may never look at it again but you know you have it it's a pet ball


i never thought of that oh it was hiding in plain sight the whole time i like words oh it's like a uh it's a pet yeah it's like what like a cockney uh pronunciation would that be cockney pronunciation oh i don't think so your your mom is english yeah i'm half english so this is the segway i i'm king of the segway as you just picked up on i actually i i downloaded the papers to apply for dual citizenship in 2016. i wonder why and um and i i like never did it like i now the papers i still have them in like my stack of things to do like four years later um but i still i keep thinking i need to do that i just think it'd be awesome to if i could get it dual citizenship you totally could i would i would if i if i could i would like to have that just in my bag of tricks yeah yeah if you ever needed it you never know what you're going to need but well you probably told me that that your mom is from england before i knew but it is you can read all about her in in all i ever wanted i really like i know the book's been out a little while and the paperback comes out in august yeah so supposed to announce it yet though oh geez i'm sorry that's okay that's okay you know i look i was in my comprehensive research i was trying to get an exact date no just not just like i didn't know i wasn't supposed to to talk about it but yeah it is and um yeah and the book's been out a long time but because because i had the pandemic disadvantage i think i get a a free pass to talk about it for oh yeah no we want you to talk about it yeah and it's really just not even been a year yet i think it came out like this time almost next year like at the i mean last year and i'm really proud of it and thank you for saying such nice things about it because i'm really proud of it and i do think it's a good book it's a great book i i'm going to read it again it uh it's it's it's it's awesome on many many levels do you do audiobooks uh oh yeah cause yours has a lot of bonus content in the audience it has a soundtrack my book has yeah yeah and also you can buy the soundtrack separate but it also has underscore stuff like when i write about um starting my first band i actually found a cassette of my first band rehearsing and so wow i just like i put that under underneath and like the right like i like on the cassette i like in the teeniest letters like i wrote every single thing like like john bass kathy guitar on every song like i had to because we would switch around a lot in my first band but that's pretty cool it's got things like that or i talk about learning how to go you know like chuck berry rhythm guitar and i have that underneath it so i have underscoring oh that's a okay so everyone get the audio a book yeah i don't listen to it and the hardcover yeah i don't do them but uh but if you like that's your jam it's a really good one yeah oh i just saw a kitty cat walk by was it orange or gray i think it was orange ginger it won't translate to the podcast version of this show but well we said it's orange so people are it's theater of the mind now it's an orange cat we know that does the podcast come out at another this is live right this is live uh but the podcast comes out on friday cool then i guess all the the visuals of the costume change aren't going to be very good either no no as long as we describe it people will know you know like when you say tube screamer original tube screamer and then every everyone can picture an original two any anyone you'd possibly want to know would can picture it food screamer yeah i think i think i mean it's the best but uh that's one thing the list the listener or viewer might because we're talking about guitar and another thing in this book um you were always a guitar player before you joined the go-go's primarily a guitar player yeah um and still that's my main instrument yeah i always maintained that the only like band i could play bass in well was the go-go's and it was a perfect fit and it wasn't actually until the soundtrack like on my first solo record that i did in 2005 i didn't play bass at all i got like real bass players but on this um soundtrack to my book like i really impressed myself with the bass playing i was like damn this is some good bass playing because i play i played everything on it so now like i mean i don't think i could play in like the chili peppers or anything but i think i might be a better bass player than i realized i think you're an amazing bass player and as i've told you i think on more than one occasion you wrote my favorite bass line in rock music the the bass line to head over heels that's mine all right it's the single greatest and i remember when that song came out even though i was only two years old no um no i remember when it came out and uh and my my buddy tim and i were like that's the greatest bass line of all time wow when it breaks down and you're uh i think they even cut to you in the video and like a there's a jet am i remembering the song isn't that like a gym that's exactly what happened [ __ ] goes


and then um it's the it's the best i see i even haven't committed you know how i got to do a base solo i mean who lets the bass player do a bass solo like i don't even remember whose idea that was um but i'm glad it happened and then live sometimes i like get a little funky on it and it seems like it always annoys the band so i i try to do it straight but every now and then i'll be do


do do do do do do do i don't know i'll just kind of get funky you don't slap and pop though you don't don't know how to slap and pop because oh because that's what i mean my left hand if i tried to slap with my you know right hand it would just be really um awkward i think because it's i don't have a lot of finesse with that hand i just wanted to make sure because if you were doing that then i would take issue but as long i think a little improvised thing you know people are paying you know the live show they should get a little extra sauce i'm all for it if you can do it but um thank you for that and also it's not that i didn't mean to sound really self-deprecating i i know i play really good like melodically and music i have a lot of musicality so it's not like i thought i sucked but i just i was more versatile than i realized on this um on when i did my soundtrack i was a lot more versatile than i realized i was nice well everyone everyone gets get the audio version then it's good a stale is a sale too so it all it's really uh whatever for i would i would recommend the hardcover and the audiobook yep yeah and then and then when the paperback comes out not that we have any idea when that could possibly be no we could also get that for people with on-the-go lifestyles and also i'm hoping when the if the paperback comes out that i'll get to resurrect my my book tour and maybe go to some cities and you know normally you get this window to go do a book tour and go make an appearance but i'm thinking so many of these bookstores were closed and they don't like having someone come in and play some songs you know you i've told you this before but you were my huge inspiration and so much of what i accomplished with the book and the idea of being able to go i mean there was just something that really connected for me when i saw you when we first back when we first met and you yeah 2012. and yeah i knew what was it that yeah my first it was my first book i came to austin yeah yeah book people that's right and you did your thing with the book and then you just picked up a guitar and played and it was just so like this is cool because i don't want to really be a solo artist you know but if it was adjacent to something else that i do it just kind of opened up possibilities to me and you know that's how things happen sometimes you just see somebody doing something and you kind of go oh what could you know i don't know it really made a big difference in my life so oh thanks well you've made a big difference in my life so it goes both ways and um i i think also like what i like about going on reading and playing guitar going or combining is different things like that it's it's also just a good way to just leave the house once and do all sorts of things and then you go rather than leaving reading from your book going home coming back out with the guitar another night you know you kind of combine a lot of fun into one it's more fun for me to do that sort of thing yeah i think so and like that's what i really like now you even like are making clothes and stuff i mean like i just you're you're really inspiring i don't know if you realize how inspiring you are um to me because i just like that like being a little just doing a lot of things like especially now it's like what else you know what else can i do so i've been um i've been really excited to go out with the paper back and go to some and not just like i don't just sit there and read i can't stand being read to so i don't want to do that so i generally just tell stories like in real time like in the book maybe i'll read like something like really good part or something but uh mostly i like to just talk with people and play songs and just kind of shoot the yeah totally well i think you have to do a full-on uh book tour and um i could be your driver we'll get we'll get we'll get like an old cadillac if you're still in ohio maybe no i'll be i'll be back in new york i'm going i'm going back to new york uh in the next couple weeks oh cool i know i've been i keep threatening that um but uh it's actually happening i'm actually gonna do it i'm hoping if the go-go's get into the rock hall though i could go to cleveland before oh oh i'm going to come back for that don't get me wrong if you yeah no i'll come back to ohio but maybe i could do something like do a book event uh like the week before or something because there might be like more like i might it might seem more like exciting because i'm going to be inducted in the next i don't know it's just my idea yeah well yeah that's it we have to talk about yeah the go-go's were recently nominated but they didn't they or maybe they told you or you don't know it's a secret do you know what you don't know yet whether or not you don't know we have no idea i don't think i don't think we know until i don't know how they tell you i don't know they should they should just tell you if if if they don't have you um i'll i'll write a nasty blog post about the rock call what let's don't we have some calls on hold still or do we lose them with my rambling no we got one left let's grab some and then if people want to call in do you mind taking some calls kathy no no not at and the number here is 201-584-7071 if you want to call in and ask kathy a question or you can of course ask in the chat though i do recommend using the super chat if you want me to read it because how else my plus possibly going to see it unless you pay 2.23 remember when we did our our gross stuff clubhouse and and nobody was there and then if anyone did come they would leave like right away well in our in our defense it was we there was not it was just spur of the moment we didn't do uh a media blitz in the lead up to it but yeah we did it was fun yeah i'm getting into clubhouse because it's kind of like uh well i i haven't done it that much i've really only done it uh i haven't i did it a couple other times but i like it that because it's just like a party line or something what i don't like is the lack of privacy like you i see what people are listening what rooms they're in like if you follow somebody or they follow they see what you're doing and what you're up to and i just think oh yeah you know it's like like i'm like all i do is listen go into bitcoin rooms and it's like you know and now people like text me like oh are you into bitcoin and i'm like no red hat chris had that happening with uh pink socks no i'm just kidding uh pink sock is not is a horrible we won't even get into it what that is where's the um let's take the call


that was my fault do we have the call you there caller hey who's colin


hey dave it's uh bill oh bill dolan from from mape uh from from parts unknown


yes indeed uh so i was just following up and believe it or not dez i was at that uh rage against the machine show at wetlands oh nice but my s no well my story is i i went to a friend's band was was one of the warm-up acts so we went to see them and then left never even seeing the rage against the machine or knowing anything about them who was that actually what was the name of the band because we were trying to find that out i it was uh it was this friend of mine todd youth uh he had a band called i believe was like called shining time station or something but we went to see them and then we went to like 7b or some bar and then you know months later we found out that that band we didn't even stay for was massive yeah so um not that uh i overly regret that but i i wanted to ask kathy and whoever else wants to chime in uh growing up were there any bands that you like had tickets to see or you wanted to see and then you didn't go and then you regret to this day like i have one like my brother was like hey you want to go see stevie raymond i said i'll see him next time and then he died the next week so um oh that's there you go you have any of those growing up that you say uh i wish i went i have ron callan cat what were you gonna say kathy well i was just gonna rip off that i got to see stevie like dozens and dozens of times because oh yeah austin yeah and he was i'd see him at the club like i saw him i saw him in his band he had a band called um phoenix like when he was first starting out i saw him in paul ray in the cobras i saw him in triple threat double trouble um like for but the same thing happened to me like when he got bigger and was on on tour um one of the the last tours i was like oh you know i've seen stevie a lot i'll go next time so i i feel your pain for that because there wasn't going to ever be a next time how to answer the question god no i can't think of i don't i don't remember i don't remember if that's ever happened to me well uh stevie ray vaughan i saw him a bunch of times the first time i ever got drunk was at a stevie ray vaughn concert on the uh what was the oh the al what was the soul the soul tour i went and i drank like two beers and i was just like oh my gosh this is what i've this is what all the fuss is about um i was supposed to see joe strummer at roseland in like 98 or 99 and i got i was in high school at the time i got in trouble or something so my mom wouldn't let me go and then like a year later he died i still haven't forgiven her you should never forgive her chris


i never will wait what did you say des blind melon had blind melon tickets and uh decided not to go last minute and then then he was dead a month later so that was that i didn't mean to get overly overly uh morose here but well thanks a lot bill everyone's dying thanks to you yeah yeah anyway thanks kathy uh you're great yeah sorry i didn't have a good




that was it i just cut him off by accident oh you just cut him i thought i was i i was i thought he had one i thought he had something else locked and loaded yeah um got another caller though let's take another george you want to take another call kathy or have you had it with these callers no i'm i'm gambling or anything whatever y'all want to do let's see call you there yes hi kathy i'm really excited to talk to you hi what's your name this is like valerie hi valerie and yeah hey valerie this is like 40 years 40 years like you know that i've like actually been able to like fan girl and call


so the go-go's played in my hometown of myrtle beach south carolina and i wasn't allowed to go and see you guys because i was too young


and yeah i've always been kind of bummed out about that so that was actually the concert that i missed out on was the go-go in myrtle beach what year was that 1982 so that was like a vacation tour like was it a big place or the clubs um i think it was at the myrtle beach did you guys play the convention center that sounds right yeah well i don't know i was like seven i think i was born in 74 so it was like 70 82 i think well but yeah i was really bad that my parents wouldn't let me go because my brother was old enough and he got to go and i wasn't allowed to go your brother went to see the go-go's yeah he got to go and i didn't think it was right that i wasn't allowed to go did he like torture you when he got home like tell you what you missed oh yeah of course he's a total jerk he and i stole i actually i ended up stealing all of his go-go albums and i never told him about it


did he bring you like a t-shirt or anything of course not oh man and he had like he had all the best like posters on his wall all the like fuzzy yes posters and boston posters and like the strobe lights and yeah it was oh man in here well making up for it tonight


what are you doing all day it's just ladies you still live in myrtle beach


um no right now i'm living in maryland ah and he's living in the philippines what's he doing there um he i i don't know i don't talk to him oh wow oh we've never healed things took a turn anyway on a lighter note my daughter actually is very talented musician and she plays the bass i called earlier she's 16 and i was uh just going to like check in and see as far as any recommendations on you know as far as you know what you think about about a career as a bass player yeah i mean well you know she's actually just you know it has like a natural inclination as far as with music so i don't know if i should like put her in classes or just let her do like her own thing well i mean i would say number one it's like i don't know what it's what it takes now but um it seems like the more you know how to do the better like if she could start learning like some recording stuff and writing songs and that's what i always tell people don't don't just be a musician because you know who knows if you're gonna get a gig but if you can do lots of stuff there's just a lot more things it's just being this versatile so but as far as i mean i never took classes or anything like that so i think if she's really into it she'll figure it out that's what most of us do you know we if we're into it and that's what we want to do we do it


yeah i mean that's kind of always the thing that's impressed me the most about her when i when i took her to like the school of rock thing when she was about eight to take some drumming lessons um you know the guy after you know what kind of you know what song do you want to play to to learn some drumming and she said anything by the police you know stuart copeland i was like what where'd she get that you know so she definitely is advanced i'll say nice um yeah i'm pretty impressed with this kid cool great yeah i'm impressed with my daughter i understand that feeling oh yeah there is


what was that a little bit you know i have have none of the music talent in my family so i'm glad she did


cool well hopefully hopefully she'll be rocking all of us in a few short years


absolutely but i'm so glad i got to finally call and talk to you yeah valerie it's really nice to to to hear from you and thank you for calling in yeah thanks valerie sure thank you and you can also find me you can you can find me on social media i'm always pretty accessible so yeah there's oh yeah


except facebook i'm not all right i'll be there thanks don't do that all right thanks


we have a super chat question here for a super chat question super check oh my god where is it well byron he uh he asked a question and then and then paid for the super chat so his questions right right above that oh okay uh


oh this is a really interesting question kathy uh i don't know could you please ask kathy to discuss her experience with black mold i heard her mention that quickly in an interview once before but she wasn't able to expand on it at the time um do you have well i don't know if it was like that really bad the black mold i don't know what it was but basically i coughed for like two years and i was really scared but i just wouldn't go to the doctor because i was scared and sometimes the coughing would go away so i would forget about it but then it would come back so finally my friends were going you got to do something you got to do something i'll try to wrap this up quick because nobody wants to talk too much about health stuff but um no go for it i went to the doctor i got i got an x-ray and the x-ray wasn't good the stuff it says i don't want to say it because i don't like to give it any power or energy but it's the sort of stuff that if you look up on the internet you start freaking out and luckily my doctor i'm i'm i like progressive doctors that aren't just totally old school but it but it'll be old school if they need to be if that's the best route but he said let's do some blood work don't freak out and he did blood work and he found 17 antibodies to mold in my blood so he said you need to check out your environment so then i checked out the air conditioning system and i had two you were at that house dave that two-story house that i lived in before yeah but um i had one air conditioner upstairs and it was filled with mold so i got rid of it i think i spent like 10 000 bucks in like one day i mean i literally um and then but the problem is it's kind of been an ongoing thing ongoing uh recovery because when your immune system is under attack for years like that it gets really overreactive and you have to work really hard at building your immune system up so anyway i i do a lot of stuff to to kind of feel better and i've just noticed i've been um not having any like sugar or grains now for like almost a month and i haven't had any lung problems so that tells me wow like inflammation and you know so if you're having mold problems i hope that you will consider like everything um that you know everything you can do to build yourself up i don't know what people normally i know there's some bad stuff out there really bad things i didn't expect that question but no no no one ever does yeah and maybe me talking about it has helped somebody else so that's a thank you for asking because you never know you know maybe somebody heard that maybe somebody's coughing a bunch and is scared like i was someone's going to get to the bottom of a black mold problem i hope so if we can reach just one black mold stuff for a person so i don't know what kind of mold it was i was just like get this get this thing out of my house and uh you know but i still struggle like i still oh wow i'm very i'm very uh like if i get stressed out like the second i'm stressed out my lungs start feeling weird so i was terrified of covid as you can imagine yeah what have you been i'm well i'm assuming are you you're just holding it down at home like like uh everybody most people or are you uh oh no going for long drives um no i've been i've been enjoying i mean i've been enjoying being at home getting to spend time with audrey because she's a senior in high school and a normal senior year she would not have been with me this much so it's been good for that and you know i've gotten i've it's been good for me in a lot of ways but i did a road trip i did a road trip to la and i'm vaccinated now i'm just waiting for everybody else to do it oh nice i have one i have to get the other one i got i got they're they're done they're down to like 16 year olds almost in a few days here in ohio it's going fast oh that's good yeah


there's another super chat question for kathy here should i read it i hope yeah good money's worth with the mold i hope that i would say i mean i would argue that brian owes or i that he owes more money because that answer was in depth and he did not pay enough this one's from uh anthony bellmers who asks is a story about the road manager who went insane true i think gina mentioned you found him in a closet losing his mind we were laughing about this so much the other day we were laughing because the go-go's you know like the the joke never gets old whatever it is but we had like some real doozies of of uh tour managers and um yeah and i wish i could remember his name but there's i do remember his face and yeah he he was like we drove him crazy we drove him crazy and i don't know why you know i don't know why he couldn't handle us but um you know i remember like oh god yeah he he told us that he had a bad dream about his uh like like his cat killing him or something and and just he started getting really weird and the really funny thing is here's the even further back story on that is that we were in a war during that time like two of us were at war with three and and we were like it was the first time ever where it was like we would go in different vans to the gig and oh wow and uh it was based on i don't even want to go into what it was based on but it went on for a long time and it was only the hatred of that tour manager that brought us together like that was that's what bridged the the war that was the you know sometimes sometimes that's what you really need is uh united hatred to bring a ban together i've i've experienced that um good it's a good bonding experience to just talk [ __ ] about someone you both i really don't like i had that happen where i was in a band and there was a guy on the tour that was driving everyone so crazy that it became the glue that what like and everyone was very polite and not saying anything and then one i kind of whispered at one point to someone like hey uh what's up with this guy and they're like oh he's an [ __ ] and like and then when we all realized that we thought that it it brought us all closer together and then the next the next tour we did he wasn't on it and uh it created an imbalance because we're like we don't have like of anywhere to like dump all of our negative energy exactly yeah so so we had a number of i mean when we when we found a tour manager that was right for us it was it was they always stuck around for years you know because they loved us and we loved them but but we would even torture the ones we like too well you have to do do you find this my theory with bands is that the second uh van car bus whatever mode of transfer the second the door shuts everyone's intelligence gets cut in half and and stays at that level until the door opens again that's my theory on bands well yeah i mean something happened definitely the the chemistry in that closed space definitely takes a a turn for sure um but that's also part of the fun is that yeah entertaining each other yeah totally i mean it's sort of good i think it's mostly good the intelligence drop i think because then like you can just uh really stupid things can go a long way i have some good stories in my book i think some one of my amazing stories yeah one of my favorites was um our this was a tour manager we loved but we like to torment him too and i remember one time i went down because my trick was always check into the hotel and then when everybody gets in their room i go down i would go down to the front desk and get an upgrade that was my trick and uh yeah that is i went down to do that and i caught i caught our tour manager like kicking everybody's luggage like just really like taking it out like gina like kicking her luggage like it was her and blindy [ __ ] river it was so i died i was it was so funny oh wow and this is the guy that lost his mind no no no i was in the either the late 90s or the early 2000s oh okay yeah the guy yeah he was in a closet he was like crying in a closet oh wow hey byron whitley who asked the question about the mold uh paid another 4.99 oh my gosh because it's a heart yeah


wow thank you brian that's that i was kidding but uh oh i thought he had another question no no he he he paid for the in-depth black mold answer as well he should have my foot fell asleep oh we're taking one i'm not dancing


we have we have another call on hold yeah let's do it yeah call you there i'm here it's uh my name is roberto i'm from boston massachusetts and um huge huge gogos fan um my first record i ever bought beauty and the beat when i was nine years old first concert at boston concerts on the common um june 29th 1984. um i was almost 11. um and i have to say i mean kathy i'm um was so impressed by your book i'm a psychologist um and i was so i i loved the book not only as the go-go's fan but to me it really read almost like a really good therapy session like very just the arcs of the book and talking about addiction and talking about trauma and talking about um some really really deep stuff and i have to say it was just a wonderful read as a go-go's fan but also a really impressive read as a psychologist and someone who clearly really dug deep and got very very introspective and i i just really appreciate that and i think it's definitely you know helps a lot of people when you become as open as you were in that book so and and totally rooting for you guys absolutely belong in the rock and roll hall of fame i'm voting 10 times a day so i i'm hopefully that's going to work out um and hope you you know to see you guys on tour soon but great job with the book oh my god yeah i agree so much yeah it was like it was like therapy i mean there was stuff that i thought i cause i'm 32 years sober i've had my share of


therapy and you know in the chair and you know you have to be pretty honest with yourself to to have that kind of sobriety and so i'm i'm pretty um i have i was able to do it i could take it let's just put it like that and um so yeah i was i was pretty fearless about it i just thought and a lot of it's because i i'm a strategist you know and i'm very practical i i weigh things and i just thought you know i'm not like this big star this giant huge star where all i have to do is you know just like say anything and people are like oh my god she said that um so i i thought it had to be real and i had to be pretty like person like human like i just didn't think i was a big enough star or a big enough person in the go goes or a big enough celebrity to to get away with anything other than just being human and my favorite memoirs are when people are just very open about their humanity and um their that this and that and i've i felt like that's what would show that i could write and pave the way hopefully to write more books yeah thank you so much you better you better write another book i am simple thank you roberto is he still there should be yes thank you thank you great interview thank you so much for reading it and saying that stuff it makes it it makes me feel good because um i didn't think about it when i'm writing it all i was thinking is like am is it good am i writing well am i meeting my dad that's all i thought about literally and it wasn't until it was turned in and a publishing date and then it was i still didn't really think it and then it's coming out and all of a sudden it was like oh my god all that stuff is gonna everyone's gonna know that i literally didn't think about everybody knowing until like it was too late oh yeah they've already printed it yeah like i never thought about it all the rest of the time i was just like is it good writing is it memoir because a lot of times i would read like pages and i'd go this is good for an essay it's not memoir memoir is like digging and my motto was blood on the page without being a gaping open wound that was it that was the parameters oh i like that that's good that's the sweet spot great exactly well it's a great but everyone i know i've said it before i mean i'm holding out the book even though most people will hear this in podcast form but everyone can get all i ever wanted kathy's book thank you thank you roberto and i love boston yeah


whose kitty is that wait there's another kitty oh yeah that's chris is kitty that's zach he's gigantic zach is giant he looks great on that chair isn't it how they know how to put themselves it's as soon as i turn this camera on he just shows


that's the makings of a star i usually have my room is usually filled with my dog and stuff i'm getting a little concerned that he's not in here


we only have a couple minutes left the time has flown by yeah we we should move this over to clubhouse no i'm just kidding cute yeah


well we'll have to you have to come back will you promise to come back yeah i like doing this in fact i'm gonna come back even when i'm not a guest and i'm gonna call in oh that would be amazing yeah um let's see do we have any i don't know what is that music chris that's our outro music oh it's over oh we have a couple minutes left the soft setup yeah it's just you know it's just background oh is it like wrapping up music


it wasn't the intention it was more just you know it's chris is chris is making this show slicker and slicker every week i'm pretty impressed with this operation i've i've been doing the same outro music for at least 20 weeks that's like the fastest change i know well when you come back we'll demand it and anthony belmare says i read your book and liked how you messed with char by telling her helicopter by telling helicopter that char liked him do you two still remember that yes we still laugh about it everything that made us laugh then still makes us laugh and for people that don't know what he's talking about we had a vote but belinda had a vocal coach that flew over and we couldn't stand him and we were annoyed because it cost money and we didn't think she needed him but for some reason he convinced her that she did need him but he was so so annoying and um so i had fun i i told him that i told him that charlotte liked him and so he was always like and we called him helicopter because he was always hovering around listening to our conversations and trying to insert himself into the conversations so once he thought she liked him he was like always at her side and one day she said you know i don't why is helicopter always around me i like because he's i it was very funny but i'm glad i wrote it in a way that it got across yeah i love that we have look i will read a couple super chats before we go elvira canaveral says the 66 cult of the month is called you are occult of the month where we belong call to the month dot com thanks cathy christes and dave he keeps finding new new ways to exploiting loopholes stuff i have i know he's doing this shameless stuff from the way he's paying for it so you know and brian i don't know what it means but uh brian whitley it pays an additional uh super chat so i think they called it chris stop calling me i called him byron because that was i read it wrong i've made that mistake myself yeah it's okay i i'm gonna see to it chris that you sent brian five dollars um let's say goodnight thank you so much kathy for doing this please come back so there wasn't another call or something oh no no no that was this just the super chat and then we ride off into the live cast podcast sunset everyone get kathy's book in hardcover or audio audiobook form and we didn't even get it when you come back we got to talk about the go-go's uh movie that came out oh yeah the documentary which is great um and the rock hall which would you bet if you're not inducted on and maybe after we get inducted that might be cool that's the move well that'll be your third appearance


because you have to come back before then because i'm just trying to get you to come on the show oh many more times i mean you come on again and but don't wait when is the rock hall when are the rock hall inductions when when are the inductions i don't know i don't want to say in case some shouldn't we see the nominees will be announced in may okay well either either way you've got to come on the show i don't want to like over like overcome on the show because you can come every week who else do you have on the show with this schedule's wide open the calendar is wide open this is now the day of hope did you have a cancellation i can't remember uh i've been wanting to have you on no no it was probably we actually bumped someone that gets to have you on oh wow this is uh no no i've been wanting to have you before but i was always afraid to ask because i didn't want to put you on the spot oh gosh i'm very strong no i'm very you know i'm a shy i'm a gemini side i have a and it comes out especially when i want people to do this show i'm very shy but you so you've you've agreed to come on it at least two more times that we're aware of yeah yeah yeah i'll come at any time and i'll call too yeah but i just you know you don't like uh hustle it enough thank you i got hustle and more he's not on said thank you one band from twitter no but still i didn't even but there's a okay i'm gonna hustle it more no i gotta hustle more you're right you've been told no i need to hear it i need to hear it um i'm not good at that part yeah i'm doing that myself so i'll help i'll i'll hustle this part all right maybe we should just make you the co-host this is this is the move um anyway okay we're we've gone over we should we should go to this clubhouse again too okay we we will let's hatch a plan let's say goodnight thank you again kathy bye thank you chris thank you dez thanks to everyone who tuned in live and thanks to everyone listening in the futuristic podcast format oh there's the witch change shirt and thank you everyone in manchester england


bye good night